Monday, 24 March 2008

Stop the slaughter and sterilization of wolves in Alberta, Canada.

The Canadian government wants to kill wolves to leave more elk for rich hunters and to bring balance in the natural system again. The wolves are being blamed for a dwindling number of elk (and other prey species), while it really is our culture itself that has brought destruction to much of the natural habitat, impoverished the natural system and, though by a relatively small number of people, is shooting a lot of elk, very often just for trophies. Please help the government realise that it's not the wolf's fault: that they are in fact a keyspecies, and that they should rather look at our own culture's effects and start eliminating problems there!

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Article 1. How the beaver helped change the world.

The world would not have been the same without beavers (Castor canadensis). Each and every species on earth has a certain influence on its surroundings, but the influence of some is disproportionally large, especially when their size and abundance is taken into the equation.

The presence of a beaver in general leads to a more diverse natural system, but there can be negative effects as well. For example, some rivers have been known to be so completely blocked by dams that salmon would no longer be able to swim upstream to reach their spawning grounds.

However large the beaver's influence on the natural world is because of all that, its influence on a completely different front makes that look insignificant. Because of this large rodent, wars have been fought, borders have been established and reestablished and whole cultures were destroyed. It is fair to say that the human history of a whole continent and, more or less indirectly, of a large part of the world has been shaped around a 40-60 pound weighing animal which, to most people, looks rather uninteresting.

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